Thermal-Acoustic Insulation

Acoustic solutions for residential and commercial applications
Thermoquiet Thermal Acoustic Underlay

Thermoquiet is designed to be used as a thermal acoustic floor underlay which helps provide a thermal break and sound attenuation. The unique seven-layer construction provides unparalleled thermal and acoustic properties. The combination of crosslinked foam and EPDM rubber significantly reduces sound transmission through impact.

Thermoquiet is a 5-in-1 underlay system that incorporates an acoustic barrier, thermal barrier, vapor barrier, reflective radiant barrier and superior wear resistance.

SilveRboard Acoustic Rigid Insulation

SilveRboard Acoustic insulation is a low density rigid board designed to improve the acoustic performance of various wall, floor and ceiling assemblies. It is made from Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) covered with a layer of polypropylene reflective lamination on both sides. It offers great sound attenuation and thermal resistance properties when installed in wall assemblies.

The double-sided lamination dramatically increases board strength and flexibility, reducing site damage and waste. When the board is installed with an air gap, the reflective film is able to reflect radiant energy helping further improve its thermal performance. The availability of larger panels and laminated film helps improve job site efficiency and reduce labor costs.