Amvic ICF Panels


Amvic Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) are a stay in place, 5-in-1 concrete forming system incorporating structure, insulation, an air/vapor barrier and a finish attachment. It is a cost effective, resilient and environmentally friendly construction system. Amvic ICF is revolutionizing modern construction and changing the way we build for a greener tomorrow.

Strong, resilient, energy efficient and healthy living spaces

Building with Amvic ICF ensures a durable, resilient and structurally superior home that is built to last and as a result, retains its value unlike several traditional methods of construction like stick frame homes. ICF, with its superior EPS insulation results in an air-tight building envelope having continuous insulation, with structurally resilient walls that improve the sound attenuation and prevent the entry of dust, pollens and pollution resulting in a stronger, healthier home with a considerable reduction in utility costs.

  • Energy efficient building
  • High indoor air quality
  • Exceptional sound barrier
  • Reduce mold and mildew growth
  • Disaster resilient structures
  • Green building
AMVIC ADVANTAGE: Why Homeowners Love Amvic
Amvic’s innovative and high performance insulation building solutions help build a home that is energy efficient, disaster resilient and sustainable, ensuring the highest level of quality and comfort.