Benefits of Insulate Concrete Forms

Why Choose Amvic ICF?

Building with Amvic ICF ensures a durable and structurally superior building. It is quick and easy to install and provides tremendous design possibilities for curved walls, multistory buildings, walkout home designs etc. ICF, with its superior EPS insulation results in an air-tight building envelope having continuous insulation and superior energy efficiency.

  • Faster construction times
  • Better indoor environment (sound attenuation, indoor air quality and thermal comfort)
  • Resilient construction (fires, hurricanes, tornadoes)
  • Addresses and exceeds wind and energy codes
Insulated Concrete Forms vs other Building Materials

Design Flexibility
Amvic products are designed to incorporate innovative details that challenge and improve upon traditional installation systems. Amvic wall solutions provide the necessary flexural strength to build or conform to curved walls. Amvic products are available in multiple configurations and specifications allowing them to be utilized in a wide range of applications.

Superior Comfort
The combination of increased air tightness and continuous insulation creates a superior building envelope maintaining the interior spaces of the home within the optimal thermal comfort range. Amvic products allow for better moisture control, reducing the chance for mold and mildew and improving the indoor air quality significantly. With a wide range of sound attenuation properties, the resulting building envelope assemblies create a quiet and comfortable interior space that enhances productivity.

Installation Efficiency
Amvic products are designed and manufactured to provide considerable cost and labor savings. All Amvic products are quick and easy to use which expedites installation and construction schedules. The durability of the products reduces damage and waste thus improving job site efficiency.

Sustainability and Energy Efficiency
Amvic products are a significant contributor in energy efficient and environmentally responsible design. The EPS insulation retains its thermal resistance over the lifespan of the building ensuring a consistent expected performance. The combination of recycled materials and energy savings over the lifespan of the building contribute to a smaller carbon footprint.

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